The Zobae Disease (ゾバエ()(びょう)()()()()()()()(), Zobae-byō), also called "The Immortality Disease" (()()()(やまい)()()()()()(), Fushi no Yamai) or simply "Zobae", is a mysterious sickness and one of the Five Threats that humanity met in the Dark Continent.[1] It can be contracted south-east of the known world.[2]


Approximately fifty years ago, the Kukan'yu Kingdom embarked on an expedition to the Dark Continent searching for the alchemical plant Metallion. With the help of a group of Hunters guided by Beyond Netero, they were successful in its retrieval. However, on the return trip, the group lost its way, took the wrong route, and some of its members ended up contracting the Zobae Disease. Of the entire expedition team, Hunters included, only Beyond and five others survived, along with a Hunter infected by the disease, and as if that was not enough, at the end of the expedition the plant withered and died.[2]


Zobae Disease DCE Portrait

The lone survivor of the Zobae Disease

Not much is known about the Zobae Disease. According to Ging Freecss, its threat level is either A or B.[2] The current Chairman of the Hunter Association, Cheadle Yorkshire, proclaimed that its danger rank is B+, which is even higher than that of the Chimera Ants.[3] The sickness seems to have a high fatality rate, and out of all the members of the expedition who contracted it, only one survived. The only known survivor, a Hunter, obtained the uncanny capacity to live entirely self-sufficiently and without sustenance for many years, becoming practically immune to death. It seems self-sustenance is achieved through feeding on one's own flesh, and that the disease greatly accelerates the regeneration of tissues. The mental sanity of those who are infected is very likely to be heavily affected. It is also possible that, among other symptoms, it causes their skin to turn dark in color. It is still unknown how this disease is contracted, and there is no cure as of yet.[1]


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