"The family presently consists of five siblings, the parents, a set of grandparents, and a great-grandfather. Assassins all!"

Coco Loo in "Intruder"
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The Zoldyck Family (ゾルディック()()()()()()()()()(), Zorudikku-ke) is considered to be, by far, the deadliest and most infamous group of assassins in the world.


Zoldyck Family

Zoldyck Family members

The Zoldyck Family owns and lives at the Kukuroo Mountain, a dormant volcano in the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea, which stands at 3,722 meters (approx. 12,211 feet). Their estate is surrounded by huge stone walls guarded by a giant hunting beast named Mike and attendants highly skilled in martial arts. Only few people unrelated to the family have any information about what is within the estate. The appearances of the members of the family are unknown to the public at large, and a single photo of any of the members can be sold for millions as the identity of a single member is only known by a few individuals.[1] Their family name alone can strike fear and terror in the underworld even more than the presence of the whole Phantom Troupe.[2]

Children in the family are trained from birth in the art of assassination, although each member of the family has the privilege to choose the specialty of their abilities and liking as they grow up: the oldest child, Illumi, is a master of disguise; whereas the next oldest, Milluki, is a computer wizard and an expert hacker. The third son, Killua, is showing excellent potential to become an assassin since early age, his physical skills were so prominent that he was sent to the Heavens Arena when he was only six-year-old. Killua's capability makes him favored to be the successor of the Zoldyck family, although he has stated of having no desire to inherit the family's business. It is believed that each member of Zoldyck Family begun their training from their date of birth. The children are also allowed the use of weaponry (pins, bombs, yo-yos, and paper), which are also suited based on their Nen abilities. Members are allowed to use a special transmitter in their assassination business.[3]

Zoldyck sons - anime

The five children with their mother

They possess a unique set of talents: resistance to almost all types of poison, the ability to tolerate high amounts of electricity and pain, and immense strength, for example Killua was able to open a 16-ton door before receiving any form of Nen training.[1] Even at a young age they are already capable fighters and assassins. For example, the third son Killua entered Heavens Arena at age six and was able to reach the celebrated 200th floor at the age of eight.[4] Another example is the youngest son Kalluto who was immediately accepted into the most notorious criminal gang, the Phantom Troupe, at the age of ten.[5] Without any apparent assassination training, a Zoldyck is having a similar power to a normal human, as in the case of Alluka Zoldyck.

During an intra-mission, when family members have conflicting ideals and principles, it is against the rules for them to kill each other.[6]


Assassination is the Zoldyck Family's traditional trade going back at least a few generations in the family, their fame and fortune coming from this activity. With rare exceptions, all family members are professional assassins for hire.

It is unknown how much a person or organization needs to pay for the service of the Zoldyck. Judging by their reputation, wealth, Netero's effort to pay for Zeno's help, and the Ten Dons only hiring Zeno and Silva as a last resort against the Phantom Troupe, their service fee is extremely high. Once, Zeno offered a 30% discount for some assassins are in the same mission as him.

Clients and Works

Their main line of work is assassination, but they also demonstrated doing work that involves primarily or solely disguise and deceit, tracking, and invasion and support.

Family Members Clients Works Results
Silva Unknown Kill Phantom Troupe member #8 Success
Kikyo, Illumi, Milluki or Kalluto[7] Unknown[7] Kill Anita's father[7] Success[7]
Milluki Unknown Kill 15 people Success
Zeno and Silva Mafia's Ten Dons Kill the Phantom Troupe Interrupted
Illumi (helped by Maha and Kalluto) Chrollo Lucilfer Kill the Ten Dons Success
Illumi (helped by Kalluto) Hisoka Morow Help Hisoka to leave the Spider's hideout unnoticed Success
Zeno Isaac Netero Assist Netero in separating the Chimera Ant King from his Royal Guards (uncertain details) Success
Illumi Hisoka Morow Kill Hisoka Work pending

Criminal Status

Despite being labeled as wanted criminals, none of the authorities in the world seems to do anything about them. This includes the Hunter Association, whose 12th Chairman hired Zeno on at least one occasion and was friends with Zigg Zoldyck; the sole known exception is Seaquant once in the past. However, this does not stop bounty hunters and hoodlums from coming to their estate to kill them to gain fame and money rewards. Killua was seemingly able to take the Hunter Exam twice under his real name, despite his family being infamous assassins. However, this might be because no qualifications are imposed on registering and participating in the Hunter Exam.

Mizaistom Nana, a Crime Hunter, also does not legally arrest and prosecute Illumi and Kalluto during their encounter in the Black Whale, despite knowing their affiliations (including Phantom Troupe membership). However, Illumi may be protected by his Hunter status, or Mizaistom prioritizes handling the difficult situations in the Black Whale at that moment.



The Zoldyck Family owns Kukuroo Mountain and its surrounding area. The property encompasses from the point of the Testing Gate, the dense jungle, all the way to the mountain. There seems to be a garden near the mansion, where Killua and Alluka used to play as children. A large playroom could also be seen in the premises of the estate.[8]

Butlers are provided with headquarters, large enough to be mistaken as the main residence itself. Zebro and Seaquant have a small cabin near the Testing Gate,[1] while Canary has a post near the butlers' headquarters.[9]


Despite the lack of sources, it is rumored that the mansion is located at the peak of the mountain. As of the most recent chapter, only the interior of the main residence has been shown. The walls are made of stones, with few lamps lighting the way.

There is an isolation room within the mansion, filled with chains and various items for torture. Silva's room is not much different; it is a spacious room with stone walls and floor, a couch and a single chair in the middle, a skeleton hanging on the right side, and a spot for Silva's enormous hound.[10] Milluki's room is as spacious, although it is mostly occupied by three computers, some discarded junk food wrappers and empty soda bottles. A shelf on the corner houses his vast collection of anime figurines.[11] Deep underground, Alluka's room is secluded from the rest of the members. Before one could reach her room, several metal doors must be unlocked. Her room is well-lit and painted with colorful flowers and skies. Communication device and surveillance camera are attached near the entrance. For leisure time, family members have a Japanese-style room.[8]


Animal or Magical Beast
Zoldyck Household
Family Members
Zoldyck Family's Butler 1 ZF Portrait
Zoldyck Family's Butler 2 ZF Portrait
Zoldyck Family's Butler 3 ZF Portrait


In order to live in the estate, they are in constant training everyday.[12] Zoldyck butlers receive their training and education within the family's estate. They have a classroom, teacher, and instructors. Butlers are executed if they have lovers, inside or outside of the Zoldyck estate.[13] They also use weighed objects daily to enhance their strength[12] like:

  1. Double door: 200 kg. or about 440 lbs. (each part)[12]
  2. Slippers: 20 kg. or about 44 lbs. (each)[12]
  3. Mug/Cup: 20 kg. or about 44 lbs.[12]
  4. Teapot: 40 kg.[14] or about 88 lbs.
  5. Chair: 60 kg. or about 132 lbs.[12]
  6. Bathroom door: 500 kg.[14] or about 1102 lbs.
  7. Mop and Broom: 25 kg.[15] or about 55 lbs.
  8. Water Bucket: 30 kg.[15] or about 66 lbs.
  9. Suit: 50 kg.-150 kg. or about 110 lbs.[12]-330 lbs. (In the 1999 anime, 100 kg. or about 220 lbs.[15])
  10. Phone: 20 kg.[16] or about 44 lbs.
  • Also, in the 2011 anime, all (unspecified) furniture and utensils in the house weigh over 20 kg. (approx. 44 lbs.) apiece.[14]

The servants have no real value for the family rather than plain servitude, or they don't show further feelings openly. Despite of this many of the servants are fiercely loyal to the family and have a soft spot for them, even to the point of taking sides with one member of the family shall conflict between them arise.



Chrollo vs. Silva

At some point prior to the start of the series, Silva killed member #8 of the Phantom Troupe[17] and fought their leader, Chrollo Lucilfer. The outcome of their fight is still unknown.[18] They have also clearly killed many other high profile targets in order to develop such a vicious reputation. It can be assumed that they are all wanted criminals because of the group of blacklist hunters that attacked Kukuroo Mountain.[9]


Hunter Exam arc

Both Killua and Illumi (under the alias "Gittarackur") participate in the 287th Hunter Exam.[19] Nevertheless, Killua is shown to be uninterested in becoming a Hunter;[18] he only enters to have some fun because he heard the exam was tough. Killua then befriends Gon and the others there. During the flight to Trick Tower, Killua tells Gon about his family. He says that the main activity of his family is assassination. They put a lot of pressure on him, but he didn't want anyone to tell him what to do. Killua said that his mother lectured him while crying, subsequently he beat her up and his brother and ran away. He said that if he ever becomes a Hunter, the first thing he would do is arrest all of his family, presuming he would get a good reward.[20] On the other hand Illumi entered the Hunter Exam in order to complete a contract.[19]

During the third phase of the exam, Killua, Gon, Kurapika, Leorio and Tonpa are put up against five prisoners to compete for the examinees' advancement through Trick Tower.[21] Kurapika defeats his opponent, but refuses to kill him to prove his victory. Killua offers to kill Majtani for Kurapika, but the latter declines.[22] Despite the concerns of the others present, Killua is soon put up against and challenged to a death battle by a prolific mass murderer. Killua uses an assassination ability used by his family to quickly remove and crush his opponent's heart. Seeing how shocked the others are, Gon reveals that Killua is a member of an elite assassin family. When Kurapika asks Killua how he removed Johness' heart, the ex-assassin reveals the claws he used to easily do so and how his father can do the same without spilling any blood.[23]

In the final round of the exam, Killua faces Illumi in a one-on-one fight. Killua was shocked upon seeing his brother showing up from nowhere.[24] Illumi then eagerly talks about Killua's attack on their mother and brother. He also mentions that their mother is proud yet confused as to why Killua ran away. She feared that Killua would like to become a Hunter, so she sent Illumi over. Killua tells his brother that he never wanted to become a Hunter, which makes Illumi feel assured.[19]

Thereafter, Illumi starts to psychologically manipulate his younger brother by making him think that he is only a mere killer. He continues to tell Killua that he has neither passion nor desire. Killua replies that he does want something, to become friends with Gon. He doesn't want to kill anymore; he just wants to have fun like a normal kid. Yet, Illumi found it impossible. He is bothered by the fact that he and Gon are already friends, so he decides to kill Gon. As Illumi tries to leave the room, Killua freezes on the spot, clearly intimidated by his brother. The other examinees stand by the door so Illumi won't be able to kill Gon. Illumi then decides to defeat Killua first before killing Gon.[19]


Illumi forces Killua to surrender

Illumi approaches Killua and tries to touch him. The latter tenses more and tries to escape but Illumi threatens him that if he moves an inch, their match will begin. But if Killua doesn't fight him, Gon will surely die. Killua admits his defeat, to everyone's surprise. Illumi smiles at Killua and pats his shoulder. He claims that he never intended to kill Gon. He then instructs Killua that he should continue on following his orders. After that, Killua didn't do anything and distances himself from the others. And during the next match, Killua appears behind Bodoro and kills him, which led to Killua's disqualification.[19]

Gon confronts Illumi and demands him to apologize to Killua, but Illumi believes there is no reason for him to apologize. Gon grabs Illumi's hand and tightens his grip and tosses Illumi from his chair. Then he asks Illumi about Killua's location in order to bring him back. And when Illumi is about to do something to him, Gon retreated quickly. Later on, Gon once again approaches Illumi and kept on asking about Killua's whereabouts. Illumi finally reveals Killua's location which was in Kukuroo Mountain.[25]

Zoldyck Family arc

Inside the Zoldyck estate, Kikyo and Kalluto meet with Gon's group.[9] She informs them she overheard everything about Gon from Illumi. She also claims to have told Killua that his friends are in the domain about three weeks ago. She had come in order to deliver a message from Killua—he cannot see Gon and the others.[10]

HxH2011 EP24 Killua threatens Milluki

Killua threatens Milluki

Killua is seen inside an isolation chamber, his arms chained up. His older brother Milluki holds a whip and tortures him but to his annoyance, Killua simply sleeps him off. When he woke up, he playfully greets his brother, but Milluki only continues to hit him. Killua doesn't seem to be bothered so Milluki tries to call their mother so that she can order the servants to take Gon and the others out. Killua then breaks his arm free from one of the confinements and threatens Milluki that if he ever touches those three, he'll kill him.[10]

Their grandfather Zeno Zoldyck enters the room and tells Killua that he may leave. He also tells him that his father wants to see him in his room. After Killua left, Milluki asks Zeno why he is so tolerant to Killua's actions, thus making him rebel. Instead of answering, Zeno asks him about his thoughts on Killua's ability. He replies that Killua is the most gifted in the entire Zoldyck Family yet he is a failure for letting his emotions go first, to which Zeno agrees.[10]

Killua's father, Silva Zoldyck asks him about his "friends". Killua shrugs off and replies that he actually enjoys their company. He then wants Killua to come and tell stories about the Hunter Exam. Back to Gon, Kikyo has already introduced herself and Kalluto to them. Kikyo explains that Killua ran away from home after wounding her and his brother yet he regretted his actions and came back. Suddenly, she receives a call from Zeno that Killua is already out of the isolation room. She panics and excuses herself as she has another business. Kikyo then leaves with Kalluto who seemed to be glaring at Gon and his friends before catching up. Canary then wakes up and agrees to take them to the headquarters where they can make direct calls to the Zoldyck members. Kikyo is seen running through the forest and worries about Killua.[10]

HxH2011 EP24 Silva and Killua talk

Killua talks with Silva

Silva and Killua continue to talk. Then Silva asks him if he wants to see his friends again. He gives Killua permission to leave, but he has to promise that he will never betray his friends. Killua excitedly runs but is stopped short by his mother who claims that Gon had already left. Not convinced, Killua glares at her and tells her to get away from him. Kikyo is proud of him for doing such an act. Next, Kikyo confronts Silva for letting Killua go. He only assures her that Killua will come back someday, because Killua is his son.[10]

Killua finally arrives to the butler residence and greets Gon and the others. He tells them that they need to leave quickly to escape from his mother.[26]

Heavens Arena arc

After that, Killua went with Gon to the Heavens Arena for the second time.[4] He met there Wing who volunteered to teach Killua and Gon a technique called Nen. Killua was eager to master it as it was the secret technique Illumi used to surpass him.[27]

Yorknew City arc

When Killua and Gon find out about the existence of the Greed Island game, Killua reluctantly asks Milluki about further information. He gives Milluki a copy of a memory card in exchange.[11] Due to his excitement, Milluki borrows 15 billion from his father in exchange for killing 15 people. He then leaves Kukuroo Mountain, a feat he last did when he was 10 years old.[28]

While Killua and his friends search for a way to earn money for Greed Island, they encounter the Phantom Troupe along the way. Gon and Killua are captured after their confrontation with Machi and Nobunaga. They were later brought to their headquarters. They learn of the Troupe's objective and their search of the "Chain User". Killua figures it was Kurapika they are looking for.[29]

Silva Zeno Chrollo

Chrollo vs. Silva and Zeno Zoldyck

The Ten Dons of the Mafia Community later hire several Freelance Assassins after the death of the Shadow Beasts and their bodyguards. Among the hired assassins were the Zoldyck Family's Zeno and Silva Zoldyck. The Zoldycks immediately make a good impression to the other assassins.[2] When the last assassin was finally killed, Zeno uses his En to locate their target, Chrollo Lucilfer, leader of Phantom Troupe. They find out that the leader is in the basement.[30]

Chrollo fights off Zeno and Silva at the same time, with the former using a poisoned Ben's Knife against Silva, but to no effect.[30] Realizing Zeno's strength, Chrollo attempts to steal his abilities. Zeno keeps the Troupe leader at a distance, seeing through the latter's plan. He is then pinned on the wall by Zeno while attacking him continuously with punches. Silva throws two balls made of aura which explodes upon impact,[18] causing everything around them to collapse. Before the Zoldycks can finish him off, Illumi calls Silva and asks if his client is still alive. When Chrollo's safety is confirmed, Illumi sends his message that the Ten Dons have been killed, with the help of Maha and Kalluto Zoldyck. The Zoldycks take their leave. Chrollo asks Zeno if they would have continued the fight, who would have won? Zeno confidently answers himself, but if Chrollo is actually trying to kill him, then that would have been a different matter.[3]

Later, Hisoka asks Illumi if the latter could do a job for him.[31] Kalluto acts as a decoy in order to gain Franklin and Bonolenov's attention while Hisoka switches places with Illumi, who is disguised as Hisoka who goes out to battle Chrollo.[32] Once Hisoka confirms that all is over, Illumi leaves the Spider's hideout.[33]

Greed Island arc

Kalluto GI

Kalluto in Greed Island

Killua alongside Gon enters Greed Island[34] and meet Biscuit Krueger,[35] a master and experienced teacher of Nen who trains them.[36] Later on, Killua exits the game in order to take the Hunter Exam for the second time.[37] He cruised through the exam by knocking out all the other applicants and obtains a Hunter License easily.[38]

During the time the Phantom Troupe was on Greed Island in search of an exorcist, Kalluto appears again and is introduced this time as Hisoka's replacement. With the help of his abilities, the Troupe managed to find the exorcist, Abengane.[5] While confronting one of the Bomber(s) in combat, Killua shows off his Nen ability for the first time.[39]

Chimera Ant arc

Kalluto helps his Phantom Troupe comrades exterminate Chimera Ants lead by the self-proclaimed Queen Zazan whom invaded their home base Meteor City.[40] When the Troupe enter the Chimera Ant base, Kalluto gets excited when he hears that whomever kills the Queen will become the de facto leader.[41] While Kalluto is successful in taking out one of the Chimera Ants,[42] he is completely shocked at Feitan's fighting skills as he faces against Zazan.[43] Kalluto, at first, thought he could rise to the number 2 spot in no time, but this thought is over turned when he sees Feitan fighting. Kalluto is last seen fleeing the base where the Chimera Ants have made there base in and later helping the other Troupe members exterminate the once citizens of Meteor City turned into Chimera Ants.[44]

114 - The Division

Zeno and Netero vs. the King

Later, Zeno arrives in the Republic of East Gorteau and is hired by Netero to help him kill the Chimera Ant King.[45] However, after using his Nen technique Dragon Dive on the Meruem's Royal Palace,[46] he quits the job seeing as he harmed an innocent bystander,[47] and when he quits, he states it is the closest feeling of death he's ever felt in his entire life just being near Meruem.[48][49]

117 - Silva crushes Cheetu

Cheetu is crushed by Silva

Zeno leaves the castle with Cheetu annoying him to fight him so he could try out his new special move. Before Cheetu could show it off, he is crushed to death by Silva leaving behind a massive crater. Zeno and Silva proceed to leave East Gorteau on their pet dragon. He tells Silva that Killua removed Illumi's needle and that he had the most exciting experience, much to Silva's dismay.[50]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Silva, Milluki and Kikyo

The Zoldycks monitor Killua's meeting with Alluka

Wanting to save Gon from his near-death state,[51] Killua goes back home to the Zoldyck Estate and tells his father, Silva, he wants to see his younger sibling, Alluka. Silva initially refuses and warns Killua that Alluka is not a child, but a monster. Still, Killua manages to reassure his father, telling him that he can handle his younger sibling and that he is her brother. Silva accepts this and lets Killua go and see Alluka.[16] Killua convinces Alluka to join him, and he takes her to Gon's hospital, with Amane, Tsubone, Canary, and Gotoh as their chaperones.[52]

On the way, they are relentlessly pursued by Illumi, who has joined forces with Hisoka. Illumi uses his Nen ability to manipulate citizens into obstructing Killua on his journey. Illumi orders Hisoka to take care of the butlers;[53] he does so and murders Gotoh.[54] Killua and Alluka arrive at an airport, to find that Canary and Amane have reached it first, and have reserved an airship for them. Killua orders them to reserve 5 more, and while they do it, he gets on one and escapes. He then tells Morel to send Hunters after Illumi. Morel manages to do so; getting Teradein, Bushidora, and Loupe to join his cause.[55]

Killua lands his airship and prepares to get into a car arranged by Hishita, only to find that Hishita was being manipulated by Illumi. The entire arrangement was an ambush, and Illumi reveals himself.[56] Tsubone also appears, stating that she fell into Illumi's trap and that Kikyo was using her scope to watch the situation. Alluka asks for Tsubone's nail, something Tsubone complies to. Killua, now being able to wish, wishes for Alluka (now in her Nanika form) to heal Tsubone's hand. Illumi inquires whether Killua would actually risk his own life for Gon's. Because healing took a lot of energy, Alluka reverts to her usual form and sleeps. He threatens Illumi for referring to Alluka as a tool, and Illumi steps back, gladdened by the fact that Gon could be healed without harm to Killua. Meanwhile, Hisoka slips into the room of Teradein and kills him.[6]

Killua and Illumi - 146

The final confrontation between Killua and Illumi

Killua finally arrives at the hospital where Gon is, which is guarded by several of the friends they made on their adventures.[57] At Gon's hospital room, Alluka touches Gon's hand and heals him with so much energy, it could be felt in the Hunter Association building.[58] After successfully healing Gon, Alluka falls asleep.[59] Illumi then appears, telling Killua that he would allow Alluka to have a minimum freedom provided he can control her. Killua wakes Alluka up and uses her Nanika form to teleport him back to the Zoldyck mansion. Then, Killua tells Nanika that it can no longer come, and to go away forever. After an argument, Killua yells at it, and Nanika complies. Alluka wakes up, angered by what happened, demanding that Killua accept Nanika should he accept her. Killua apologizes to both of them, accepting Nanika. Kikyo cancels the lookout order on Tsubone and Amane and lets Killua and Alluka free knowing that the Zoldyck can no longer control or exploit Alluka anymore.[60]

Killua, Alluka & Gon's photo

Killua, Alluka, and Gon together

The two accompany Gon to the World Tree, and then part ways so that they can travel the world together.[61]

Succession Contest arc

At Hisoka's request, Illumi joins the Phantom Troupe and boards the Black Whale. On the fourth day of the voyage, the Troupe (including Kalluto) gathers and Chrollo invites Illumi to introduce himself. Illumi explains his relationship with Hisoka and that he has joined the Spiders on the magician's commission so he can kill him. When Cha-R Family members arrive to claim their table, the Troupe leaves and splits up to search and kill Hisoka.[62]

Chap 380 - Illumi and Kalluto found on Deck 3

Illumi and Kalluto on Black Whale's Tier 3

Illumi and Kalluto successfully gain access to Black Whale's Tier 3, higher than the other Spider members. However, they are cornered by the military on the boat's Vista area after their emergency announcement of a dangerous stowaway. The two Zoldycks comply with the soldiers; one soldier identifies them as VVIP based on Illumi's I.D. and asks why they are in that place. Illumi replies that he has business there. The soldier informs them of the quasi-martial law situation and insists in escorting them back, but Illumi declines and reiterates that he has business there. The Zodiacs Botobai and Mizaistom interrupt the exchange, with the former recognizing Illumi as a Hunter. Mizaistom asks Illumi if the Phantom Troupe is on board, which the assassin bluntly confirms while implying he is a Spider as well, much to Kalluto's surprise. Mizaistom offers the two Zoldycks residential units and they follow him, until he rushes to another urgent matter and leaves them with Botobai and Ginta.[63]

Family Tree

Zoldyck Generations
Unnamed Grandmother


Most of the family members have bizarre interactions and relationship with each other.[53]

  • Maha is basically untouched for unknown reasons. He never seems to interact with the other family members.
  • Zeno favors Killua the most amongst his grandchildren. He is the supervisor of Gotoh and Canary and interacts with his son Silva only in business, he likely has the same business relationship with Illumi.
  • Silva has high hopes for Killua; he is in love with his wife Kikyo and interacts with his eldest son Illumi and his father Zeno only in business. He wants to control Alluka, and he is the supervisor of Tsubone and Amane.
  • Kikyo loves her husband Silva and her children, but she seems to love her youngest sons Kalluto and Killua the most, although Killua finds her annoying. She seems to favor Milluki the least.
  • Illumi interacts with his father Silva only in business. He also wants to control his younger brother Killua, despite Killua's want for freedom. Illumi often teams up with Kalluto on missions.
  • Milluki obeys both his father and grandfather. While he does obey his mother to some extent, her control is not absolute, since he disobeys his mother's first command to shut up during Killua's torture.
  • Of all of the siblings, Milluki hates Killua the most and mostly respects Illumi.
  • Killua does not want Tsubone and Amane to interfere and wants to be free from Illumi. On the other hand, he trusts Gotoh and Canary and loves his younger sister Alluka. He respects his father and is annoyed by his mother.
  • Alluka loves Killua.
  • Kalluto loves his mother and envies his sister, Alluka.
  • Gotoh and Canary trust their young master Killua and are vigilant towards Tsubone and Amane.
  • Tsubone and Amane are loyal to Silva, responsible for Killua, and vigilant towards Gotoh and Canary. Their relationship with Alluka only depends on their orders.

Note: Not all the dynamics of the family might be covered, perhaps because the chart that sums it up is based on Killua's perspective and he may be in the dark about some of them.


  • In the official databook, Zoldyck is also spelled as "Zaoldyeck".[64] Chapter 344, however, confirmed this spelling as correct but instead of an "o" it used an unknown symbol, resembling a crossed circle (), which is identical to the "ho" syllable in the Hunter × Hunter Alphabet. This would effectively result in a third possible spelling, "Zaholdyeck".
    • The Viz translation changed the alternative version of the family name to "Zzoldyck", with a normal "o" instead of the uncommon symbol.[65]
  • Zeno and Silva, two heads of the family, have light hair (probably white); Killua, the next heir to the business, also has that hair color.
  • The theory of the light-haired members of the family being Transmuters and the dark-haired members being Manipulators was proven to be wrong with the Nen Chart revealed in Exhibition: Togashi Yoshihiro -Puzzle-.
117 - Zoldyck dragon

A real Zoldyck dragon

  • Many elements present in the Zoldyck Family have snakes and Chinese dragons (symbol of power, strength, and good luck) as theme/motif, making it a seemingly revered symbol in their household.
    • The Testing Gate is adorned with two dragons, one on each side.
    • Zeno's Nen abilities (Dragon Head, Dragon Lance, and Dragon Dive) and his face.
    • Zeno's and Killua's representations as yin elements, which is usually linked to the dragon figure.
    • Killua's "The Snake Awakens" technique.
    • The snake image behind Killua when he faces Rammot.
    • Kalluto's Nen ability name (Dance of the Serpent's Bite).
    • Zeno's sofa and goblet adorned with dragons.[46]
    • The real dragon-like creature they use as transportation in East Gorteau.
    • The ouroboros illustration used in one of the explanations of Nanika's power.
  • Killua and Illumi are the only Hunters in the family.
  • Despite Silva's warning to stay away from the Phantom Troupe,[17] two of his sons, Kalluto[5] and Illumi,[62] join the Troupe.

Intertextuality and References

  • Like in the Japanese word game Shiritori, the Zoldyck children's first names start with the ending letters (or kana) of the last: Illumi (イル) → Milluki () → Killua () → Alluka () → Kalluto (ルト). Furthermore, they all contain "llu (ル, ru)".
  • The unknown symbol in "Zaoldyeck", being a simple coincidence or the indication of an inspiration/reference to part of the concept of this family, is similar to the crosshair-like symbol used by the real-life Zodiac Killer in signing his correspondence. This connection is limitedly reinforced by:
    • the slightly phonetic similarity between "Zodiac [Killer] (ゾディアック, Zodiakku)" and "Zoldyck [Family] (ゾルディック, Zorudikku)";
    • the use of the mentioned symbol as a graphic substitute for an "o" in both names. In the Zodiac's case used in movie posters for example;
    • the killer is seen/treated as one, but could be many since there are several suspects. In parallel the Zoldyck Family is composed of many assassins;
    • the fact that both show no fear of any kind of authority such as police or bounty hunters;
    • and, their position among the most infamous murderers in their respective universes.


  • An expansion patch for World of Warcraft: Legion MMORPG added, in a direct reference, the "Zoldyck Family Training Shackles" legendary item (bracers) for Rogues specialized in Assassination. The equipment, whose effect increases damages of "Poisons and Bleeds", has the following description: "The Zoldyck family are trained from birth in the art of assassination. In the lower levels of their estate, members learn to resist the effects of and master the use of deadly poisons."
  • In the Italian dub of the 1999 anime adaptation, the Zoldyck Family faced heavy media censorship from Mediaset. In the censored version, the profession of the Zoldycks was changed from assassin to mercenary, and many references made to them killing people at all were changed as well.[66]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic عائلة زولديك (Eayilat Zualadik)
Brazil Flag Brazilian Portuguese Família Zaoldyeck
Família Zoldik
Família Zoldyck
Família Zoldick
Família Zaoldyek
China Flag Chinese 揍敌客家族/揍敵客家族* (Zòu dí kè Jiāzú)
左鲁迪古家族/左魯迪古家族* (Zuǒ lǔ dí gǔ Jiāzú)
祖迪家族 (Zǔ dí Jiāzú)
The Czech Republic Flag Czech Rodina Zoldyckových
France Flag French Famille Zoldik
Poland Flag Polish Rodzina Zoldyck
Rodzina Zaoldyck
Russia Flag Russian Семья Золдик (Sem'ya Zoldik)
Spain Flag Spanish Familia Zoldyck
Familia Zaoldyeck


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