Zoldyck Personal Transmitter (ゾルディック()()(せん)(よう)()(せん)()()()(), Zorudikku-ke Sen'yō Musenki—lit. "Zoldyck Family/Home Private Transceiver") is a kind of cell phone that only Zoldyck Family members use. When it rings, usually means the report on a successful assassination job.[1]


The simple device has an oval shape and, apparently, a semi-flattened aspect, its size is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. It has a side button for quick contact, a small LED status light indicator/display on the top, a small microphone and/or speaker on the bottom, and also what appears to be an earphone jack connector port for audio output underneath. Additionally, in the middle of the device there is a hexagram (✡) stamped within a circle.

Regarding the color, in the 1999 anime series adaptation the devices are light gray/silver with the symbol area and the LED status light indicator being light blue; the 2011 anime adaptation has it dark blue with a golden yellow symbol area and a red LED indicator.


Yorknew City arcEdit

Illumi Zoldyck uses a transmitter to contact his father Silva Zoldyck to report about his assassination of the Ten Dons.[1]



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