佩可泰羅 (日語:ぺコテロ, 英語:Pekotero)又譯貝克特羅,是一個獵人[1] 也是比洋德•尼特羅的暗黑大陸探險隊成員。[2]


Pekotero is a person of short stature with a short length haircut. He has animal-like features in his face, wears a hat with bubbles, and is often seeing licking a lollipop.

個性 編輯

Pekotero seems to like video games and board games. He may have a laid-back personality, since he was one of the few who did not object receiving Ging's money and in general never opposed him.



Pekotero is first seen in a room with Beyond Netero and his nine other followers. 金•富力士 himself later arrives in the lair of Beyond's expedition team, and after one of the expedition team members challenges Ging, 帕利士通•希爾 interrupts and confirms that he is ranked number two in the team. Ging dismisses it and declares that he will be number two henceforth and that he will pay them double of what Beyond paid them.[3]

Pekotero accepts the money[1] and like the rest of Beyond's team, starts to like Ging and is surprised by his skills.[4]

能力 編輯

Being a member of Beyond's team, Pekotero is a specialist in some field. As a Hunter, he is able to use Nen.

軼事 編輯

  • Pekotero wanted to play a Super Mario video game with Ging.


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