依託庫 (日語:イットク, 英語:Ittoku) 是《獵人》中的角色,是卡丁黑幫加•夏家族的副組長。[1]


Ittoku is an elderly man with small dark eyes and wrinkles over his forehead and chin. He has bags under his eyes and fair shoulder-length hair.


Ittoku seems to be a calm individual who asserts his authority when he can, such as when he approached Franklin with first-rate food while the latter only eats hamburger and biscuits. He is also a bit suspicious of the Phantom Troupe, especially when he asks Franklin if the Troupe plans on stealing the treasures on board.[1]



Chap 379 - Franklin and Ittoku

Franklin questioned by Ittoku

Ittoku sits at the same table as Franklin in the dining hall of Tier 5, carrying a luscious steak on his plate while the latter eats a hamburger. He asks the Spider if he is not looking for Hisoka, to which Franklin replies the magician will come looking for him at some point. Ittoku then enquires if the Phantom Troupe killed the Cha-R Family members stationed at the warehouse. He is convinced that they would not start a fight with the Spiders, which leads Franklin to hypothesize someone is trying to set them up. Ittoku wonders if the culprit is Hisoka, but receives no definite answer. He finally asks Franklin if the Spiders have another reason for boarding the boat. Franklin implies they intend to steal something, which puts Ittoku and his men on edge, but adds that they will not make any moves until they kill Hisoka, unless they are attacked first. Ittoku apologizes for disturbing Franklin while putting out his cigarette on his steak and leaves.[1]

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