卡修 (カシュー, Cashew)是卡丁黑幫愛依•依家族的成員。[1]


Chap 379 - Cashew back head

Cashew's back view

年輕女性fair hair on top, but dark on the sides and back. She has a long fringe that falls on the left side of her face. She has droopy eyes, thick lips, and prominent lower lashes.


Seemingly inspired by 墨蓮娜•布魯特's goal to destroy the world, Cashew aims to do so, though she begins with small and careful steps. Unlike Luini's immediate killing of civilians, Cashew wants to take her time to deceive the investigation team and throw them off the scent. She is very deceptive while doing so, able to lie and cry in Mizaistom's presence.


When Morena became the Boss of the Heil-Ly family, she ordered that her underlings kill each other until only 22 were left. Cashew survived and agreed to follow her.[1]



Chap 379 - Luini and Cashew conspiracy

Luini and Cashew plan together

Cashew boards the B‧W1號 as a member of the 愛依•依家族. On the fourth day of the voyage, 墨蓮娜•布魯特 activates her ability on Cashew by kissing her.[1] After 魯易尼 had killed 20 passengers in the single cabins of the upper floor of Tier 3, Cashew who was there at the crime scene offers to help Luini by mixing lies and truths in her account so as to confuse the investigators. Luini insists on her giving an accurate testimony about his scar, in order to fully assess the royal army and the 獵人協會's investigation capabilities, convinced that even if he should be caught, he will be able to escape.[2]

Chap 379 - Cashew crying

Cashew cries as she talks to Mizaistom

On her account to 米才伊史多姆, she mentions that she was at the bathroom when Luini murdered a visitor by her cabin's door. As she got outside, Luini threatens to kill her if she makes any move or noise. While she was praying for her life to be spared, Luini goes on about how he intended to stop his killing spree at twenty people and now he's bothered that there's an offset of one. As the commotion outside the room piles up, Luini locks himself in the bathroom from the inside. Eventually when the royal army arrived and pried open the door, he had already escaped.[2]

Cashew realizes that Luini was gifted with a teleportation ability which she deems inadequate. She would rather enjoy the level up process at her own pace while in the meantime she gets to know the investigators better.[2] Cashew makes a cameo appearance revealing her location on the Black Whale.[3]


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