卡蜜拉·回可罗(カミーラ=ホイコーロ|Camilla Hui Guo Rou)又译作卡米拉·回锅肉是《猎人》中的角色卡丁帝国的第二王子。外表为打扮高贵的女性。母亲为杜亚兹露。和第五、第七、第九王子是同母兄弟。

外貌 编辑

Camilla is a beautiful woman with long, fair hair worn in an intricate hairstyle, with some locks falling on her back, others being tied above the nape of her neck and four framing her face. She has clear eyes and long eyelashes.[1]

In her first appearance, she is seen wearing a necked dress and a tiara. In general, she seems to wear fancy dresses. During the ceremony, Camilla wears a mermaid dress, and for the formal party, she wears a splendid long dress with sophisticated embroidery and two luxurious necklaces. Her hairstyle during the party is also different, resembling a large beehive style, though some of her locks are still falling around her face.[1]

个性 编辑

In outward appearance, she appears to have charming and elegant mannerisms.[2] In 兹贝帕's opinion, however, she is greedy.[3]



Camilla participates to the ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the expedition. She then attends a formal party. Like the rest of her family, she will reside in the 1st deck of the ship.[2] Camilla's Sacred Beast is revealed during the party she attends.[3]


作为上位的王子,具有一定的政治影响力。 [4]


Camille's Sacred Beast



像其他的兄弟姊妹一样,卡蜜拉透过壶中卵仪式,获得守护灵兽保护她。[1] 但作为寄生型的能力,她无法控制它,守护灵兽需遵守两个规则:不能互相攻击,且不能攻击其他守护灵兽的主人。[3] 守护灵兽的能力为操作系能力,符合某种条件可以操控对方。


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