可班多巴(英語:Kobentoba;日語:コベントバ) 又譯戈本德巴,是班哲明的私人軍隊之一[1]目前受班哲明的命令擔任秋來的警衛[2]



Right before the B‧W1號 sets off, Kobentoba and the other thirteen soldiers working under 班哲明 listen to Balsamilco explanation what to do and how to proceed on the ship.[1]

Upon Benjamin's return from the party he orders Kobentoba to get in contact with Balsamilco to have him bring him the 傑利多尼希 alive as he'll kill him on his own. Benjamin also later orders his fourteen soldiers to not only act as bodyguards, but spies to the other Princes, he wanted them report back any information on the Princes Nen Beasts and the Hunters abilities. In case they come under attack or suspect any animosity coming from anyone, they have the right to defend themselves and have full permission to kill their opponent. Afterwards Kobentoba makes contact and talks with one of Zhang Lei's bodyguards presumably to explain the situation.[2]

When 酷拉皮卡 accompanied by 阿糸 and 倭舞琉 are invited into Zhang Lei's room, Konentoba along with Slacker observe the meeting they have with Zhang Lei.[3]


Kobentoba has received military training.[2]


Kobentoba is a Nen user, although Balsamilco believes him to be less skilled than Hunters in that regard.[4]


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