哈爾肯堡·回可羅(ハルケンブルグ=ホイコーロ|Harkenburg Hui Guo Rou)又譯哈爾布肯魯格·回鍋肉,是《獵人》中的角色卡丁帝國的第九王子。學者。母親為德艾茲露。和第二、第五、第七王子是同母兄弟。15歲時就跳級進入了世界最高學府米華爾大學,在學習物理學的同時還在西洋弓世界大賽上獲得銀牌。和母親與兩位姊妹的關係並不好。唯一認同的人只有切利多尼希


Halkenburg has a set of sharp curly hair, shared with his sisters Camilla and Tubeppa and brother Luzurus, and sideburns of the same color. He has a mashed-in nose. His first appearance sees him wearing a suit.[1]


He has a poor relationship with his mother and two sisters, and finds the only person he likes to be his brother Tserriednich. He intends to change the politics of the royal family, openly opposing them. 酷拉皮卡 speculated he suffers from angst and alienation, and that he is strict on himself and others, as later confirmed by Oito.[2]

He is also a pacifist. Unlike his siblings, he has no intention on continuing with the succession battle, refusing to win his crown through bloodshed by committing fratricide and sororicide.[3]

Background 編輯

While in grade school, he was admitted to boarding school. The isolation caused rumors of him being exiled and hiding from assassins arose. He posted on Facebox that the only one who understood him was Tserriednich. At age 15, he skipped grades to attend the world's most prestigious university, Miwall. He studied physics there and also won a gold medal in the world championships of archery he participated in. At some point, he proposed a change in the Kakin royal family's government which gave him supporters, but also enemies.[2]


Dark Continent Expedition arc編輯

Halkenburg is first introduced standing in front of a bookcase, engrossed reading a book.[1] Kurapika researches him because he believes that he can get close to Tserriednich via Halkenburg. Halkenburg, however, did not send any request for bodyguards and it was really the eighth wife of King Hui Gui Rou, Oito.[2]

On August 8th, Halkenburg participates to the ceremony on the eve of the voyage and waves to the audience. He then takes part to some formal event, where he talks to Tserriednich. Like the rest of his family, he will reside in the 1st deck of the ship.[4]

Chap 361 - Halkenberg confronts Nasubi

Prince Halkenberg confronts his father

During one of the parties, Halkenburg approaches his father for a private conversation. He informs Nasubi that he does not want to participate in the succession war anymore, believing that he does not need to win his crown through bloodshed. He also explains that he only went through all the formalities to save his face for his father. As he speaks, his Nen beast perches idly on his shoulders.[3] Halkenburg is left in shock and horror upon returning to his private quarters, seeing all eleven of his bodyguards knocked out unconscious under some mysterious circumstances.[5]


Chap 361 - Halkenberg's Nen beast


As a prince of Kakin, Halkenburg holds significant political power and wealth, although not on the level of the Elder Princes. The fact he was able to attend the most prestigious university in the world at the age of 15 speaks for an extreme degree of academic intelligence. Furthermore, his intellect is brilliant, rivaling that of Tserriednich's, since Kurapika describes that even among his fellow siblings, his achievements excel and stand out. His education should have provided him with impeccable knowledge in physics. Halkenburg is presumably the best archer in the world, having won a gold medal in the world championships of archery he participated in. He also have a good charisma since he have a lot of supporters.[2]


像其他的兄弟姊妹一樣,透過壺中卵儀式,獲得守護靈獸保護他。[1] 但作為寄生型的能力,他無法控制它,守護靈獸需遵守兩個規則:不能互相攻擊,且不能攻擊其他守護靈獸的主人。[5] 於襲擊其父拿士比•回可羅後覺醒自己的念能力。


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