多加琳 (日語:トキャリーヌ, 英語:Tokarine),又譯托卡琳努,是一個獵人協會成員,協助12支暗黑大陸之行的輸送工作。 [1]


身材較胖,圓臉,小眼睛、鼻子、嘴巴。small eyes, nose, and mouth. She wears her dark hair in a bob haircut with a fringe and two locks pointing sideways. The hair at the top of her head is dyed a lighter color. She also has an earring and an ear piercing in each ear.


Tokarine seems to be aware of her own limitations and is not afraid to disclose them.[1]



托卡琳努在第三層參加了包括4個12支、桑比卡和另一位獵人的會議。葛兒 says Tokarine will be in charge of moving goods from the Dark Continent to a relay point managed by Knov. Tokarine comments her ability is not enough and that it would be better to enlist 2 or 3 more people, while silently wondering how Geru ended up looking the way she does.[1]


As a Hunter, Tokarine has all the benefits granted by her status. Since she was selected by the Zodiacs for the expedition to the Dark Continent,[1] she is most likely a valuable asset.


Tokarine's Nen ability is said to be useful when it comes to transportation. However, she claims that her Hatsu is not as handy as Knov's, as she cannot teleport and her transportation ability is poor.[1]


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