天空竞技场是格斗迷的天堂,[1]具体位置没有提到,按漫画中的画法位于巴托奇亚共和国境内。but is located in the eastern part of the continent, opposite of where Padokea is.[2]


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Heaven's Arena's location on the map


所有参赛者都必须在第一层测试实力,所以第一层都是一个又一个的比赛擂台。评判会在三分钟内以比赛的表现来决定每位参赛者该被派到哪一层去。Competitors are allowed to fight and defeat their opponent using any means, but weapons are not allowed on the first 199 floors.[3]当通过第100层之后,就可以拥有私人的房间,但如果战斗败北跌落到100层以下就会被收回房间。When Killua first went to Heaven's Arena, he quit at the 199th floor and spent all the prize money on cakes.[1]

Up to the 200th floor, the building is divided into twenty 10-floor parts. For example, a fighter who wins on the 40th floor advances to the 50th, and one who loses on the same level regresses to the 30th: a 10-story scale.[1]

Recently, the top floors of the arena were devastated by the deathmatch between Chrollo Lucilfer and Hisoka Morow.[4]


The floors above the 200th offer no prize money. Weapons are allowed on this floor.[3] 这一级采用[申请战斗制],每人有90天的战斗准备期,可以选择在这段期间任何一天参加比赛,每战一场,就可获得重新计算的90天战斗准备期。但若不在规定的90天内参战,就会失去资格。在这一层只要获得十场胜利就可以通过,但若在胜出十场之前已经战败4场,就会失去资格。如果能胜出这一楼,就可以挑战[楼主]独占该层成为新楼主,享有名誉并且生活无忧。第220到250层每一层都由一位楼主所拥有。此外,也可以参加两年一度的格斗大会,胜出了就可以入住最顶层——第251层。[5]

All of the fighters from the 200th floor and above use Nen. If one reaches the 200th floor without knowing how to use Nen, many fighters take it upon themselves to "initiate" the uninitiated by attacking them with Nen. Those "initiated" typically suffer severe injury, if not death.[6] Sadaso, Gido, and Riehlvelt are all Heaven's Arena fighters who were "initiated" and each of them suffered a permanent disability as a result.[5] Prior to Gon and Killua's registration, there were 172 fighters on standby on the 200th floor.[3]




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Employee Of Heavens Arena

An employee of Heaven's Arena

Heaven's Arena have many employees ranging from referees, fight commentators, receptionist, guides, and elevator operators. All of them wear a uniform bearing the Heaven's Arena logo, an emblem of a closed fist. The uniform is the same for both male and female employees.[2] In the 1999 anime, an elevator operator is shown to use Nen upon being angered by Killua.[7]

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Note: the plot of the Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission movie may or may not be a part of the canon storyline.

The entirety of the events in The Last Mission, apart from the flashback scenes, takes place within the Heaven's Arena. Some time after Gon and Killua complete the Greed Island game, they return to Heaven's Arena to support Zushi, who has become a Floor Master himself, in his Battle Olympia Tournament.[8]


  • The location/arena building is officially named "Heavens Arena" in the Viz translation, without the apostrophe (').


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