When Prince Halkenburg returns to his quarters after the first dinner banquet, he's shocked and mortified to see all of his bodyguards including Yuhirai lying on the floor unconscious.[1] However later that day when the Prince awakens from his nap, Yurihai along with the other bodyguards are shown to be alright and are all unpacking boxes of the Princes belongings.[2]

The following day, he along with 歇朱爾 attend the meeting held in Prince 倭舞琉 quarters to learn about 念能力. Earlier in that same day Prince Halkenburg's bodyguards question, why they have a pinion attached to the top of their left hands and Prince Halkenburg claims it must have to do with his 守護靈獸. He also orders them to learn what they can during the meeting and they have his permission to divulge whatever information they have. Looking at his pinion, Cejour thinks the pinion was placed by their Prince's Guardian Spirit Beast, while Yuhirai thinks so as well, and adds that it must be a mark of resolve that the Prince talked about.[3]


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