山朵拉(英语:Sandra)又译桑德拉[1] 是王后阿糸的侍女之一,于航往暗黑大陆B‧W1号 上负责。[2]文生所杀。





When 酷拉皮卡 discovers four more bodyguards lying dead on the ground, he asks Sandra and another staff member about what happened. They tell Kurapika they don't know anything since they were cooking and unpacking the whole time.[2]

In order to take the initiative, Kurapika pulls out a pistol, while summoning his Dowsing Chain. He first questions Sandra and the other staff members about if they had any knowledge about the succession battle. Sandra quickly claims she doesn't know anything about it. Later after the parasitic Nen Beasts had infested Queen Oito's room, one of the staff members cries for help which leads Kurapika to run to their side of the room, and witness the restrained bodyguards and 卡桐 lying dead. Sandra confirms to Kurapika that it was indeed 萨伊尔德 who took the knife and stabbed the bodyguards to their death.[3]

Sandra and 岛野 were the only two maids that decided to stay with Queen Oito after the Kakin Army had took Sayird into custody.[3]

Vincent Kills Sandra

Vincent kills Sandra.

Later, when the bodyguard 文生 rings the bell to Prince 倭舞琉 room, Sandra opens the door and as soon as he enters the room, Vincent kills Sandra claiming she tried to attack him with a knife and had a small vial of poison on her person. In his defense, Vincent claims he was merely exercising his right to defend himself.[4] Template:Clear


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