With the mysterious death of four bodyguards 酷拉皮卡 interrogates the four maids and remaining bodyguards.[2] When asked if they knew about the Succession War, Shimano and the other staff all claim they haven't. She later listens to the confession of the two traitorous bodyguards and watches as a Manipulation 薩伊爾德 kill the two traitorous bodyguards and the 獵人協會 卡桐 and tries to attack Kurapika.[3] This however fails and Sayird is restrained and has his Nen ability stolen by Kurapika. With Sayird back to normal and is taken away by the Kakin Army for questioning, two of the maids quit, not caring what consequence may befall them, leaving Shimano, Sandra, 比爾, and 酷拉皮卡 left to protect Queen Oito and 倭舞琉.[4]

Upon the arrival 文森特 one 班哲明's Private Soldiers, Shimano witnesses him kill Sandra in cold blood, but he claims it was all in self defense.[5] In retaliation to Vincent, Kurapika shocks Shimano by using one of his chains on Oito, unbeknownst to her that he was transferring his stolen ability to Oito. Soon after Vincent commits suicide after being restrained by Kurapika and Bill, Shimano answers a call from Benjamin, 秋來, and 茲貝帕. Oito explains that under circumstances they usually have to answer the calls by order of age, but due to the Succession War going on if you answer one then the other will take it as a declaration of war. At that moment, the doorbell rings and behind it is another one of Benjamin Private Soldiers Babimaina.[1]


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