Right before the B‧W1號 sets off, 他explains to the rest of the Private Soldiers a highly detailed layout of the Black Whale and that the hunting grounds are restricted to levels 1 and 2. He also states to the soldiers to stay calm and keep their composure, since the real "Party" will begin in two months and until then they're guards not soldiers. And that they should all be prepared to be called on a moments notice as the Assault Plan will be strenuous and goes onto explain the security to the Princes Quarters, every Sunday a banquet will be held where all of the Princes will attend, but will be given no chance to intervene with one another whenever they enter or exit the Banquet. That means they'll have no chance in attacking the princes, but Balsalmico also thinks they all maybe cooped up in there quarters for the rest of the journey.[2]

Upon his return from the Banquet Prince Benjamin expresses his frustration and orders Balsalmico to get in contact with the Captain of the Private Troops and have him bring to him the Fourth Prince 傑利多尼希 be brought to him alive, only so he could kill him. Back in his quarters Balsalmico and Benjamin talk about the Sacred Beasts and what actions must be taken to ensure their victory and making any actions before that could cost them their lives. However due to the recent announcement that mentioned "Nen Beasts" and "Nen abilities" their advantages have been nearly squashed. In another room they further the discuss the precautions and actions they have to do and take now that the other Princes will want to learn more about Nen, the Hunters on board the ship, and what the true motive of the Hunters really are. Benjamin then orders Balsalmico to summon the other Private Soldiers and he to himself admits, while the Prince can act impulsively and wants to only take the shortest route to reach his goal, he praises him for his logic holds no fear or hesitation and when supplied with the correct information he can make the best and most sound decision. He also goes onto to think he's the best candidate to lead the still developing country into an even greater nation.[3]


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