希卡庫(英語:Shikaku)[1] 是《 獵人》中的角色,卡丁帝國軍隊的高級士兵,也是班哲明的私兵。[2]


Shikaku has fair hair with a single lock falling to his forehead. He wears the standard Kakin military attire of zipper jacket, pants, and dark combat boots.[2] He wears an earpiece in his left ear.[1]


Shikaku is deeply loyal to Benjamin, to the point of being willing to confront Prince Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou despite being terrified by the latter's overwhelmingly powerful aura. On that occasion, he proved himself capable of rapidly calming himself in a bind.[1]


As one of the First Prince's soldiers, Shikaku graduated from Kakin's Royal Military Academy and became a part of his army.[3]



Prince Benjamin orders his 14 soldiers to both act as bodyguards and spies to all the other princes, swapping shift with the guards working for Queen Unma Hui Guo Rou, and to report any information regarding the Princes' 守護靈獸s and the Hunters' abilities.[2] Shikaku is assigned to Prince Halkenburg.[4]

On the second day of voyage, Shikaku is frightened by the aura released by Halkenburg and his guards when they unite their wills to pray for Prince Momoze. He concludes that Halkenburg must be killed as soon as possible, before he realizes the power of his Guardian Spirit Beast. However, fear of a counteractive Manipulation ability of the latter stops him from acting immediately. When Benjamin finally contacts him, Shikaku responds that he would need two more people to secure information before making his move.[4]

After the moment of prayer, Halkenburg leaves the room to appeal to King Nasubi. Shikaku and five other bodyguards accompany him.[4] However, they are turned away by the guards at the VVIP passage.[5] Shikaku escorts Halkenburg to that same passage the next two mornings, but on the third, he is put to sleep by the prince's Guardian Spirit Beast before he exits. He is awoken by Benjamin's attempts to contact him, who informs him of Halkenburg's failed assassination attempt on the king and his resolve to win the succession contest. Shikaku runs into the returning Halkenburg and attempts to take his ability, but the latter's aura arrow runs him through and the will of one of Halkenburg's bodyguard takes over Shikaku's body.[1]


Shikaku has received military training.[2] He has given proof of remarkable analytical abilities.[4]


Shikaku is a 念能力 user, although his superior 巴魯薩米爾科 believes him to be less skilled than Hunters in that regard.[6] He is proficient enough in the field to have created a Nen ability.[1]

Type: Unknown 遊戲王(日語:遊戯王)
Culdcept allows Shikaku to "take" another Nen user's ability. He initiates it by joining his hands in front of himself, generating a flash of light, then he forms a rectangle with his thumbs and index fingers. As he spreads them out diagonally, a rectangle of aura is created between his fingers, becoming darker and darker in color. After the second change in shade, the preparations appear to be complete for him to turn the opponent's ability into a "card".[1]

The only time it was seen in action, Culdcept was activated while Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou was readying his own ability, which it failed to capture, possibly due to its power to pierce all defenses.[1]


  • The first name of Shikaku's Nen ability is derived from the strategy videogame Culdcept, while the second is derived from the Japanese name of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.


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