文生 (日語:ヴィンセント, 英語:Vincent)又譯文森特班哲明的十四個私兵之一。後被派為倭舞琉的護衛。[1]被酷拉皮卡和比爾制服後自殺而死。

個性 編輯

Vincent presents himself as a poised man, always smiling and likes to say "Yup" in the end of nearly all of his sentences.



Right before the B‧W1號 sets off, Vincent and the other thirteen soldiers working under 班哲明 listen to 巴魯薩米爾科 explanation what to do and how to proceed on the ship.[1]

When Benjamin orders his fourteen soldiers to not only act as bodyguards, but spies to the other Princes, he wanted them report back any information on the Princes Nen Beasts and the Hunters abilities. And in case they come under attack or suspect any animosity coming from anyone, they have the right to defend themselves and have full permission to kill their opponent. Later Vincent visits 倭舞琉's quarters and upon entering the room, he kills one of the stewards claiming she tried to attack him with a knife and had a small vial of poison on her person. In his defense Vincent claims he was merely exercised his right to defend himself.[2]


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