Orzny with the other Prince Halkenburg's bodyguards lies on the floor unconscious, upon Halkenburg's return from the first dinner banquet.[1] However, later that day, the bodyguards are shown to be alright.[2]

Following 酷拉皮卡's broadcast on the emergency channel, the First Prince orders the members of his own private army to work in shifts with Queen Unma's bodyguards to monitor other princes.[3] Orzny is thus removed from Prince Halkenburg's guard and assigned to Benjamin.[4]

The soldier with whom he switched shifts informs Benjamin that, just like Halkenburg's own guards, Orzny also had a pinion attached to him by the Ninth Prince's 守護靈獸 but in ten minutes his pinion mark disappeared; which makes the soldier speculate that the ability does not have effect on those who, like Orzny, have no loyalty to Halkenburg. The soldier further states that Orzny's memories of actually having the Guardian Beast's ability used on him and in the other guards and receiving the pinion is hazy, thus he probably suffered a memory revision effect from a Manipulation attack.[4]

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