毘戮 (日語:ビル, 英語:Bill),又譯比爾,是《獵人》中的角色,為一個獵人,受僱作為卡丁帝國14王子 倭舞琉及其母親阿糸的護衛之一[1]


與酷拉皮卡等高。 He has down-turned eyes, 平的鼻子,眼袋,直往上的頭髮。[1]







Bill boards the B‧W1號 with Queen Oito, her daughter and his colleagues.[3] After Woody is found dead in the toilet, he does not say anything when 酷拉皮卡 mentions Nen to the other bodyguards, and later tells him that just because the queen seems to favor him, he cannot do whatever he pleases. When more bodyguards are found dead, Kurapika points a gun at him and the other while interrogating them with the Dowsing Chain.[1] Bill replies he did not know about the succession war. He deduces the pot ceremony has bestowed parasitic type Nen on the princes. At that moment, Nen beasts invisible to everyone but the four Hunters flood the room. Bill tells Kurapika everything he knows about parasitic Nen, and declares that, in spite of the risks, he intends to keep guarding the queen and the prince. To improve cooperation, Kurapika agrees to tell Bill about his objectives. Bill then prepares to list three possible courses of actions to Oito, but is interrupted by a scream from the neighboring room. He rushes there and sees 薩伊爾德 wielding a bloodied knife, 卡桐 at his feet and the two restrained bodyguards apparently dead. He asks him why he did that, and Sayird replies he had been asked to because he was free. When Sayird turns towards him, Bill aims his gun at him, but Kurapika insists on taking him alive and prepares to fight.[2]

While Kurapika has Sayird pinned down, he asks Bill whether Sayird is necessary to escape. Bill states that Kurton was the key agent because his ability allowed him to transform into a boat or vehicle. When asked about Sayird's Hatsu, Bill is initially reluctant to reveal it, but eventually informs Kurapika of its details. When Kurapika absorbs Sayird's aura, Bill becomes concerned about the consequences, but Kurapika reminds Bill that the individual well-being of a guard is less important than the overall mission. Following Sayird's arrest, Kurapika asks Bill about their remaining options to leave the boat. Bill lists two possible ways, one involving 比洋德•尼特羅,另一個則需要帕利士通•希爾.[4]


Handgun: While working as a bodyguard, Bill carries a .22 caliber black handgun.[2]

能力 編輯

As a Hunter, Bill has all the privileges that come with his status.


Being a Hunter, Bill can use Nen. He is knowledgeable enough to recognize parasitic type Nen, which Kurapika had never heard of.[2]


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