沙路柯夫 (日語:サルコフ, 英語:Salkov) 又譯薩爾戈夫,是傑利多尼希派出參與通過獵人試驗的5個手下警衛之一<[1]

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A stark contrast to Theta's personality, Salkov is more laid back and as mentioned by him, not as smart as her either. He also seems to be reliant on her when it comes to discussing things over with Prince Tserriednich, because the way he would detail the Nen Beast situation to the Prince would have been too "revealing" of Nen.[2]

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出航兩個小時之後,因為酷拉皮卡透露了念獸的事,與廷太討論要如何面對傑利多尼希想知道的事的問題。So Theta eventually decides to follow Salkov's suggestion and agrees to teach Tserriednich herself to stunt and control his growth. The two are confronted by the Prince and his Nen beast, which intimidates Theta, while the Prince demands information on what Nen is.[2]


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