瑪莉歐妮 (日文:マリオネ, 英文:Marione)又譯馬里奧內,是一個獵人[1] 以及比洋德•尼特羅的暗黑大陸探險團隊成員[2]


Marione looks like a normal girl with twin tails wearing a school-like uniform. She is thin, with a flat chest. She has lines on her face under the eyes and the mouth, that gives her a Marionette-like appearance, an impression strengthened by her scarce expressiveness.[2]





Beyonds expedition team

Beyond's expedition team

Marione is first seen in room with Beyond Netero and his nine other followers.[2] 金•富力士 himself later arrives in the lair of Beyond's expedition team,[4] and after宇佐曼 challenges Ging and he proceeds to seemingly smash his face in. Ging then asks around whom the strongest person there, he directs his attention to Marione whom calmly sits in a corner, but 帕利士通•希爾 interrupts and confirms that he is ranked number two in the team. Ging dismisses it and declares that he will be number two henceforth.[5] Thinking that Ging will cause trouble 麻修路 goes into a fighting stance, while Marione enters her "battle mode", but stops after Ging says that he really is there to help them and that he will pay them the double of what Beyond paid them.[3]

When Ging was confronted by the expedition team lead by Mascher who told Ging while they can accept the fact he's qualified to be Number 2, but they've divided themselves into two groups: Group 1 is the one that will not accept Ging's money, to which is the one Marione was in, while group 2 is the one that will accept his money. Mascher further explains that due to the fear of disorder and chaos will surely happen unless they all agree to take Ging's money, they won't listen to any of Ging's orders. Mascher then confesses that they have all been hired by Pariston and all act as mediators. Ging then tells them all not to joke with him and brings up the point that they're all specialists. As Ging continues on Marione quietly listens, as Ging deduces both groups motive and gives a little pep talk to them all asking for their strong wills and their skills to act as their self-confidence.[1]


File:344 - Marione battle stance.jpg

Marione's abilities are yet to be revealed, but she was heavily implied by Ging to be a powerful Nen user and the strongest in Beyond Netero's party at the moment of his arrival despite Pariston, a former Zodiac, also being present.[5] Like all the members of Netero's expedition team, she is a specialist in some field.[1]


While it is unknown what category she falls under, Marione has demonstrated she can use Nen by using Ren. When she prepared to battle Ging, she had her head cuffs on: whether this is a self-imposed Limitation to bolster her aura is currently unknown.[5]


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