酷拉皮卡 cannot comprehend why 班哲明 would send an assassin and call at the same time, but he believes 秋來 and 茲貝帕 want to learn more about 念能力, meaning that no one in their troops is a Nen user. Kurapika orders 比爾 to remain with the 巴比瑪茵那. 島野 connects Kurapika to Zhang Lei, much to his surprise. Zhang Lei asks why he was chosen over Benjamin, and Kurapika says it was because he perceived Zhang Lei to be more open to discussion due to his desire to learn about Nen. Zhang Lei invites Kurapika, 阿糸, and 倭舞琉 to his quarters. Kurapika then contacts Tubeppa, whose guard 馬奧爾 offers a truce in exchange for information about Nen beasts. Kurapika, preoccupied with Benjamin's guard and the upcoming meeting, informs Maor of the circumstances, so Maor gives him one hour to deal with the issue. Kurapika then interrogates Shimano about why she chose Zhang Lei. She justifies herself saying that Benjamin is a callous individual, and that he would likely have 巴魯薩米爾科 act as a proxy. Additionally, his intention is likely to kill Kurapika and herself in order to avenge 文森特. As her desire is strictly to live, she connected Kurapika to Zhang Lei. Zhang Lei is a more humble individual, but not humble to the point where he would accept being spoken to second. Additionally, if Kurapika manages to get on his good side, he is likely to hold off killing them until later, if at all. Tubeppa is a more patient individual and is strictly devoted to finishing off the princes older than himself, while allowing the young ones to survive. Shimano dissuades Kurapika from allowing Babimyna to remain at the door since spurning his request would result in arrest by the royal army, which would give Benjamin an opportunity to kill Oito and Woble and then pretend it was a murder–suicide on Oito's part. Kurapika informs Babimyna that he, the queen, and the prince are going to meet Zhang Lei. Babimyna decides to wait in the room while they are gone. Kurapika instructs Bill to tell Tubeppa that the situation has been dealt with if she calls.

The three enter Zhang Lei's chamber, where he greets them. Kurapika explains the basics of Nen and reveals that the Nen beasts were assigned to the princes during the initiation. Kurapika then asks Zhang Lei if he is willing to have the next part of the conversation in the room considering that the information could change the tide of the succession war.



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