索彬 (日語:ソンビン, 英語:Sun-bin)是《獵人》中的角色,為卡丁黑幫加•夏家族的成員 [1]


Sun-bin is a man with thin, fair hair and slanted eyes. During his first appearance, he wears a zipper jacket and dark pants. His most distinguishing feature is the rose tattoo on the left side of his neck.[1]


Sun-bin speaks in an informal fashion. Even while expressing concern, he wears a deadpan, even bored expression. He claims to abhor bloodshed, although according to his leader that is a lie.[1]



Chap 377 - Cha-R group

Sun-bin enters with his group

Sun-bin is among the members of the Cha-R Family who boarded the B‧W1號. His group surrounds the Phantom Troupe when they sit at their table, asking them to move. When they leave peacefully, the leader of the group asks Sun-bin for his impressions of the Spiders. Sun-bin replies they are bad news and undomitable, adding that if they want to get to the first tier, they will do so without worrying about keeping 念能力 secret. The leader tells him to contact the Underboss and warn him a fight might break out. Sun-bin then claims he despises bloodshed, but the leader calls him a liar.[1]


Handgun: Sun-bin owns a handgun of unknown model and caliber.[1]



索彬是念能力者。He has enough skill to recognize the power of the Phantom Troupe members by looking at their aura flow, although they were making no effort to conceal it.[1]


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