花鸟·回可罗(カチョウ=ホイコーロ|Kachou Hui Guo Rou)又译卡卓·回锅肉,是《猎人》中的角色卡金帝国的第十王子。女性,母亲为赛珂。热爱珠宝。和第十一王子是同母姊妹。


Kacho has shoulder length, light hair which points up in the near her shoulders. She has predominant eyelashes. She wears a formal dress during the celebration before the departure, later during the party with the important guests, she is seen wearing a dress with large ribbon on the chest.


Chap 359 - Kacho's personality


As noted by 旋律, Kacho is terrifying and takes on a convincing shallow persona.[1] She chooses her bodyguards due to their looks.[2] However, she is actually shrewd and cold-blooded, having intention to form an ally with Fugetsu even before the succession war starts to murder her other siblings, promising her that when she becomes the new ruler, she will request her father to spare Fugetsu.[1] The two of them appear to be rather close, often being seen chatting together. Kacho likes jewellery as well.[3]



Chap 359 - Kacho and Fugetsu

Kacho explains her plan to Fugetsu

旋律 is hired to be her bodyguard for the war of succession.[2] She and her biological sister attend the celebration before departure alongside the other princes. She and her sister are holding their hands and gleefully waving to the people, both of them are wearing similar black formal dresses. She is again seen with her sister during the party with the important guests where she is chatting with other guests. Like the rest of her family, she will reside in the 1st deck of the ship.[4] The next day, she attends another party. Although she is supposed to leave her seat alone, she insists that Fugetsu accompany her to the connecting corridor. There, she asks Fugetsu to form an alliance, saying that once she wins the succession war, she will ask her father to spare Fugetsu. She then leaves with her bodyguards, complaining about the perverted stares of an old man.[1]




像其他的兄弟姊妹一样,透过壶中卵仪式,获得守护灵兽保护他。[3] 但作为寄生型的能力,他无法控制它,守护灵兽需遵守两个规则:不能互相攻击,且不能攻击其他守护灵兽的主人。[5] 念兽的能力「2人共生」(你已不在)当和风月其中一人死亡时,就会化为死亡者,培伴另一方直到死为止。

Type: Unknown (Symbiotic type)[6]
Without-you 花鸟的灵兽是无固定型态。. The activation of its ability, Template:Jap, is triggered by the death of one of the twins. The Guardian Spirit Beast takes the appearance and personality of the deceased Prince and stays by the other's side, protecting her until her death. The replica is visible to the other twin and so perfect it is undistinguishable from the original.[6]

Since the host of the Guardian Spirit Beast died, the Guardian Spirit Beast's ability technically makes use of post-mortem Nen, although it is currently unknown what benefits it derives from it, if any.

轶事 编辑

  • "Kachou Fuugetsu" (花鸟风月) is a Japanese saying that means, "Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon". It is in invitation to behold the wonders of nature and, in doing so, learn about oneself.

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