路茲路斯·回可羅(日語:ルズールス=ホイコーロ;英語:Luzoor Hui Guo Rou),又譯魯茲路斯·回鍋肉,是《獵人》中的角色卡丁帝國的第七王子。特徵是蓬蓬頭,酷愛吸菸。母親為杜亞茲露。和第二、第五、第九王子是同母兄弟。


身材廋的男性,鼻子長,下巴尖。 He also has some stubble. Unlike his full-siblings, who all have hair in sharp, curving strands, Luzurus' hair seems to curl in two puffs at the side. It is fair in color.[1]


Not much is known about Luzurus' personality, but his elder brother Tserriednich thinks of him as a moron. An example of that is when Luzurus sent his soldiers to take the 獵人試驗 with assassination on their minds, without taking the time to think that there could be the possibility of lie detectors being used during the Hunter Exam.[2] He displays a calm demeanor at all times, not show any signs of surprise or fear upon learning about the existence of Nen and his Guardian Beast. He refused to learn it due to the long time it should take.[3]



Luzurus is briefly mentioned by Prince Tserriednich and his head Bodyguard 廷太, that Luzurus' bodyguards failed to pass the recent Hunter Exam, due to a lie detector sensing their murderous motives。 Luzurus is officially introduced in a room full of various kinds of bottles fuming smoke, while smoking from a hookah.[1] After applying for the position, Luzurus hires 芭蕉 to become his bodyguard for the trip to the 暗黑大陸.[4] Sometime later, he participates to the ceremony on the eve of the voyage and appears disinterested by the event.[5]

Later, he is informed about 念能力 ability and his Nen beast. Luzurus shows no interest in learning Nen, due too the extensive time to master it. Luzurus instructs his bodyguards to constantly watch over him as he plots to target Tubeppa, his biological older sibling, as his first victim.[3]


Luzurus Sacred Beast




像其他的兄弟姊妹一樣,透過壺中卵儀式,獲得守護靈獸保護他。[1] 但作為寄生型的能力,他無法控制它,守護靈獸需遵守兩個規則:不能互相攻擊,且不能攻擊其他守護靈獸的主人。[3] 其能力目前還不知道。


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