阿糸 (日語:オイト=ホイコーロ, 英語:Oito Hui Guo Rou) 又譯奧伊特,是卡丁帝國第8皇后,也是拿士比•回可羅的第8個正妻,她生了一個女兒倭舞琉.[1]

外貌 編輯

Oito is a young woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She has an oval face and dark, long hair she keeps behind her ears.[1]

個性 編輯

By her own admission, Oito was a superficial woman, aspiring to a life of luxury after becoming Nasubi's wife. However, when Woble was born and Oito learned of her fate, she changed radically and her daughter became the most important thing to her. She is rather intelligent, having managed to trick 酷拉皮卡 into thinking she was 哈爾肯堡.


Oito came from an impoverished family, and when she first met the king, he fell in love with and married her. She lived a gluttonous life in wealth, and only after giving birth to Woble and discovering her daughter's fate did she feel remorse.[2]


Dark Continent Expedition arc編輯

Chap 350 - Oito and Woble

Oito and her daughter, Woble

Kurapika accepts her request for a bodyguard under the pretense that he was serving Prince Halkenburg. However, when he meets her, she reveals that some information about the princes were purposely omitted to avoid a potential assassination. She lectures Kurapika on some of Halkenburg's history, and why he might have stirred assassins. She also reveals to Kurapika the nature of the expedition: death games for the throne. Her plan is to have Halkenburg become the king so that the weaker members of the Kakin royal family could blackmail him with the secret of the barbaric succession battle, as his public image would be the most damaged. She offers Kurapika a tenfold increase in compensation if she helps her and Woble escape the boat, and original compensation if he kept the information a secret. She agrees to Kurapika's conditions, but explains to him of the difference in rank among upper and lower wives and princes. She then tells him of her past life of superficiality, and sheds tears thinking of her daughter's future. She lets Kurapika hold Woble.[2]

On the eve of departure, Oito participates to the ceremony, holding Woble. She later attends a formal party. While moving to her lodgings, she comments that the security measures seem not to allow assassination of princes. When presented with the possibility of running away with her daughter, she starts to cry, as she had resigned herself to die on the ship.[3] The next day, she attends another party with her daughter. When four more bodyguards are murdered after Woody, Kurapika tells her to stand behind him as he prepares to interrogate his colleagues.[4] She orders Kurapika to shoot the two moles, but he convinces her to let them finish their explanation. When they tell her Woble has acquired Nen abilities due to the jar ceremony, she dismisses the possibility as she considers it just a ridiculous tradition.[5]


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