黛森·回可羅(日語:タイソン=ホイコーロ;英語:Tyson Hui Guo Rou)又譯作泰森·回鍋肉,是《獵人》中的角色卡丁帝國的第六王子。女性,母親為嘉特羅諾。喜歡外貌出眾的男性護衛只有她與班哲明沒在獵人試驗中埋伏護衛。

外貌 編輯

Tyson is a stout, plump woman with a large head, a round face and straight, long black hair.[1] 深色眼睛以及很氣的眉毛。 She has an oval spot above each eyebrow.[2]


Tyson enjoys being surrounded by handsome men, and selected her bodyguards using that criterion.[3] She is also extremely possessive of them, refusing to let the 獵人協會 screen them.[4] While she likes being pampered by her bodyguards, she is very feminine and blushes when they call her "cute".[1]



Tyson hires 伊茲拿比 as her personal bodyguard during the voyage to the Dark Continent.[3] She participates to the ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the expedition and boards the ship, thinking she could win the Succession War while giggling to herself. She then takes part in the formal event with her family and other important guests. Like the rest of her family, she resides in the 1st deck of the ship.[5]

Shortly afterwards, her Sacred Beast becomes active and its spawn ventures into Woble's quarters.[6] Tyson then hears 酷拉皮卡's announcement and learns of the existence of Nen beasts. She deduces they were granted to the Princes via the oath ceremony and that her siblings must possess them too. She then wonders if hers looks like an angel, and is elated to hear when Izunavi replies they look like fairies.[1]


Tyson Nen beast




像其他的兄弟姊妹一樣,透過壺中卵儀式,獲得守護靈獸保護他。[2] 但作為寄生型的能力,她無法控制它,守護靈獸需遵守兩個規則:不能互相攻擊,且不能攻擊其他守護靈獸的主人。[1] 其能力目前還無法確切知道,只知它能生出小型的、蜥蜴大小的小念獸。[1]


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